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therepoguy Every year thousands of cars, trucks, RV’s, motorcycles, boats, ATV’s and equipment are repossessed by finance companies. Some are repossessed by banks, credit unions and title loan companies. Others by “Buy Here – Pay Here” dealers and in most states these units have to be auctioned off to the highest bidder for the lenders to recoup a portion of their investment.

An equally large amount of vehicles that are also available for liquidation at enormous savings are insurance salvage units. Insurance companies are almost often required to take ownership of a damaged unit once it is deemed  “totaled” or the repaired cost exceeds a certain percentage of the insured value of the vehicle. Many insurance salvage vehicles have very little damage as a result of weather related accidents or theft recovery. Other less damaged units can be repaired for fractions of the cost for DIY enthusiasts and some totaled units are reduced to parts salvage or scrapping out. Repairing and reselling insurance salvage vehicles can provide the potential for huge profits. Additionally, buying an insurance salvaged vehicle can result in dramatic savings over most used and certainly new car market costs.

Our company works with some of the largest lenders, title loan companies, insurance companies and other fleet reduction companies to liquidate their large stock of repossessed, salvaged, theft recovered or donated units. You can save thousands of dollars off what you will pay retail for these vehicles. Many have clear titles and are Drive-Away units with little or even no repairs required.

Please have a look at our current inventory from the links above. Feel free to navigate the thousands of units nationwide by using the search features for make, model, year, location, etc… You may also insert a lot number of a particular unit you want more information on. If you see something you are interested in locally, you are welcome to go take a look at it or shipment can be arranged for a unit anywhere in the US at great, affordable prices.

A quick registration is required to submit an online bid acceptance, and many units have a “Make Offer” and “Buy It Now” opportunity allowing you the advantage to Pre-Purchase prior to auction. All additional information, instructions and links will be provided on the detail page.

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